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Walk a Mile Car Magnet

Car Magnet supporting "Walk a Mile"

The information below, indicates why this campaign was established. The yellow Car Magnet shows your support for those homeless English Springer Spaniels who need us most. The proceeds from every magnet purchased will go to the care of these unfortunate but loving creatures.

The compassion of the old Native American saying

"I pray that I may not judge a man, until I have walked a mile in his shoes"

is needed now more than ever.

Springer rescue groups have experienced a year like no other. As the economy continues to sour, and layoffs, soaring costs and the mortgage crisis force people from their homes, many individuals are facing some of the toughest decisions of their lives. For many, the loss of a job or home means moving into an apartment, or worse into shelters or living on the streets and having to give up their cherished family pets.

As much as the thought of surrendering a precious Springer Spaniel is unthinkable for those of us dedicated to this breed, it is a choice that more and more people have made in the last year. Fortunately, Springer rescue organizations and their network of volunteers provide a safe haven for these beloved pets, but the massive influx of dogs is sapping the resources of volunteer organizations as program costs increase at an alarming rate. We hope this crisis will be short lived, but right now our Springer rescue groups need your help more than ever.

 Do you know that: In 2008, rescue expects more than 1,500 dogs to come into their program. Foster homes pay the food bill for these dogs, but rescue organizations pay more than $300 per dog for veterinary expenses and other supplies. We can make a difference for homeless Springers across this continent.

Whether they come from pedigreed show, field backgrounds or just someone's back yard, these dogs lives are in jeopardy through no fault of their own. Your contribution can give a dog a chance for a brighter future.

Please join us! Support the "Walk A Mile for Rescue" campaign!

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